A. J. Mullins Cemetery

Andrew J. and Kizziah Vanover Mullins Cemetery  

From Clintwood take Route 83 to Little Doc Hollow.

The cemetery is located on the ridge above and between Little Doc Hollow and Brush Creek.


This cemetery data is based on information provided by Hetty Sutherland in the 1990's.  

From the entrance gate on the south side of the cemetery:


First row:
Sarah Mullins
B April 30, 1879
D March 30, 1926
"Thy life was beauty, truth, goodness and love."


A. J. Mullins
(Andrew J. aka Little Andy or Preacher Andy)
B May 13, 1859
D Mar 23,1951
Age 91 yrs 10 mos 10 days
"In God I trust"


Kizziah Mullins
B May 11, 1860
D Jan 05,1934
"Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord "


Delsie Mace
B Jan 20, 1891
D Feb 18, 1939
"Borne Home by Angel Hands"


Second row:

Duran Mullins
No inscription on the native stone marker.
(Thought to be a son of Harmon Mullins. He died at an early age.)


Biddy Mullins
No inscription.
(Thought to be a daughter of A.J. and Kizziah Mullins, and was the first person buried here.
She was reportedly born Jan. 14, 1887, and died Nov. 03, 1899.)


Edward Everett Mullins
(Believed to have been the son of A.J. and Kizziah Vanover Mullins. Thought to have been born March 28, 1910, and died July 30, 1912.)


Maudie M. Sutherland
B May 28, 1893D Apr 29, 1916
"A loving mother from us is gone
A voice we loved is stilled
A place is vacant in our home
That never can be filled"

(Died during childbirth giving birth to daughter Maudie Sutherland Fleming.)

Third row:

N.V.T. Wright (Nicatie Virginia Tennessee)
B June 01, 1877
D May 05, 1929
"Thy trials ended Thy rest is won"
(A daughter of A.J. and Kizziah Vanover Mullins who was married to John Wright, who deserted her, and left her with five children to raise. She went by the name of Nicatie.)


In the northeast corner, some distance from others and side by side, are the graves of three chidlren of Orsa A. And Pearl Swindall Counts who lived in one of the four houses Ms. Hetty remembered as being in Little Doc Hollow in the 1920's. These graves are as follows:


George Trivett Counts
B Feb 22, 1925
D Apr 05, 1925


Dau of Pearl and OA Counts
B Dec 25,1924
D Dec 26, 1924
"Asleep in Peace"


Son of Pearl and OA Counts
Born and Died Dec 08, 192?
"Gone but not forgotten"

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