J.G. Roland McFall Cemetery

J.G. "Roland" McFall Cemetery

Location, follow Brush Creek Rd., turn right on Osborns Gap Rd, go 3.5

tenths of a mile, follow driveway around to the left up the hill.


Documented on May 24, 2007 by B.J. Swindall



1st row:  


Emilgean McFall

Dec. 14, 1940

Aug. 15, 1941

Daughter of Woodrow & Wanda


James Ray McFall

Mar. 1, 1944

Mar. 2, 1944

Son of Woodrow and Wanda


2nd row:  

O. T. McFall


A Christian Father & Faithful Friend


Polly McFall

Jan. 29, 1837

Nov. 24, 1926

A Tender Mother and a Faithful Friend


Phillip W. McFall

November 22, 1889

Aug. 3, 1931


Lucy McFall

April 10, 1864

April 3, 1944


Daniel M. Mcfall


In Loving Memory


3rd row:   

Lillie McFall

Jan. 14, 1875

Jan. 30, 1960


J. G. McFall

Sept.21, 1872

April 25, 1931

He was a kind and affectionate husband,

a good father, and a friend to all.


Baby Davis

Feb. 9, 1937


Tollie Davis

Sept. 30, 1893

Feb. 16, 1978

Gone but not forgotten


Minnie Davis

July 3, 1896

Jan. 8, 1981

Gone but not forgotten


4th row:


Alpha Lee Vanover

Feb. 11, 1910

Feb. 23, 1989

My Trust is in GOD


Taulbert E. Vanover

May 4, 1910

Feb. 23, 1965

My Trust is in GOD


Gayle Vanover

Sept. 24, 1940

Feb. 1, 1997

He whispers sweet peace to me


5th row:  

Grace McFall Beverly

Oct. 7, 1899

Jan. 29, 1989

My trust is in God


W. M. Beverly

Sept. 26, 1891

June 12, 1976

My trust is in God

6th row:    

Fred G. Vanover

JAN. 17, 1933

MAY 26, 1995




   Jessica Marie Hamman
AUG. 1, 1985

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