Barton-Moore Cemetery

Barton-Moore Cemetery
Located on Back Bone Ridge, Dickenson Co., Virginia
Documented by Christena Fuller, Nov. 12, 2000


(6 total graves)


Barton, Edna Fay
Feb. 27, 1936
Nov. 07, 1952
Barton, J. Granville
June 27, 1897
Jan. 14, 1970
Barton, Nancy V.
June 26, 1903
Jan. 13, 1970
Moore, Floria B.
July 17, 1925
July 04, 1958
Moore, Harry L.
May 14, 1927
July 28, 1982
Moore, Ronnie
Jan. 13, 1958
Jan. 16, 1958
Draxie Perrigan
(added by her bros. Clyde and Paul Barton on 10/01/02)

July 24,1996

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