Counts Chapel Cemetery 2

Counts Chapel Memorial Cemetery #2
(Lower Side)

Located on the left hillside from Counts Chapel Church, Rt.# 652, Nealy Ridge Section, Clinchco Virginia.

Thirteen graves were documented on April 7, 2001, by Scott & Mel Mullins

Trula G. Bette
May 11,1999
Johnny Mack Demetris
July 5,1997
Garman Edwards
Aug. 3, 1926
May 11,2000
Orbie L. Honaker
Jan.16, 1933
"Victory In Jesus"
Stella Delois Honaker
May 23,1941
"In His Arms I'm Not Afraid"
Rev. Billy Gene Mullins
April 11,1936
April 11, 2000
"Amazing Grace the Love Of God Oh What A Blessing..."
Annabell Mullins Puckett
1940 - 1999
Married: Jan.9, 1960
Walter G. Puckett
1937 - 1995
Elmer Rasnick
1924 - 2000
Gregory Kent Rose
March 14, 1962
"Suffer Little Children To Come Unto Me"
Jason Paul Rose
Apr.18,1989 - Apr.19,1989
"From Mother's Arms To the Arms of Jesus"
Bobby Carroll Silcox
Jan.28, 2000
"An Inspiration To All Who Knew Him"
J.R. Silcox

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