Deel-Church-Owens Cemetery

Deel-Church-Owens Cemetery

(There has been some controversy concerning the correct name for this cemetery, with several individuals contacting us to ask that it be called either the Deel, Church, or Owens Cemetery.)

Located on Laurel Branch; Dickenson County, Virginia
Documented by Christena Fuller Nov. 14, 1999

Updated: March 23, 2005

(23 total graves, 4 being unmarked)


Chambers, May (Church)
May 03, 1912
Mar. 24, 1941
Church, Angeline (Deel)
1890 - 1974
"She died as she lived a Christian"
Church, Effie
Jan. 30, 1926
Feb. 04, 1926
Church, George W. (Washington)
1880 - 1973
"He lived by God and man"
Church, Leonard
Died 2004
Church, Lydia A. (Viers Tomeko)
Sept. 13, 1907
July 28, 1986
"Mother" "Gone Home"
Church, Mary (Deel)
Dec. 08, 1910
Nov. 23, 1928
Church, Rose Melvina
1919 - 1919
Church, Will Ranse
Nov. 01, 1928
Nov. 04, 1928
Deel, B. F. T. and H. Deel
Jan. 15, 1998
Jan. 15, 1998
"Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"
Deel, Ellen (Ellender Viers Owens Deel)
Mar. 26, 1936
"In thee O Lord have I put my trust"
Deel, Fannie (Thomas)
May 01, 1888
July 23, 1977
"She was the sunshine of our home"
Deel, J.R. (Jacob Ranse)
Mar. 12, 1929
"Resting until the resurrection morn"
Deel, Noah
Mar. 04, 1882
Sept. 26, 1962
"In Thee, O Lord, have I put my trust"
Deel, Woodrow W.
Oct. 04, 1922
Oct. 14, 1922
"Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven"
Kiser, Melvin
July 24, 1916
July 06, 1982
"An inspiration to all who knew him"
Kiser, Randy
May 07, 1947
May 07, 1947
Owen, Dow
Died 1945
Stiltner, Polly A.
(Mary "Polly" Ann Owens Harrison Stiltner)
(This is Mary "Polly" Ann Owens
who married W. A. "Billy" Harrison the first time)
Dec. 1871
May 15, 1918


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