Haynes Cemetery

Haynes Family Cemetery

Est. circa 1878

Directions:   The Haynes Cemetery is located on Pine Creek Road in Clintwood VA.  Just go down Brush Creek road about 4 miles turn right on Pine Creek Rd, go about 1 mile turn right on Brooks Way. Brooks Way will split with Hall Ln. going to the right, and Brooks to the left.  Follow Brooks Way to the left.  Stay straight, there is a driveway to the left, stay to the right.  Then there is a driveway to the right, and you want to stay to the left this time.  Follow road to the top to the cemetery.

Documented by B.J. Swindall, August, 2008

Hessie                            Russell
Oct. 30, 1892                July 16, 1888
Jun. 5, 1956                  June 21, 1990
blank cinderblock
cinderblock inscribed "Georgia"
blank cinderblock
blank cinderblock
blank cinderblock
blank cinderblock


Gary Douglas  
Mar. 22, 1953
Apr. 6, 1989
Love goes on forever


Versie Haynes
Apr. 14, 1940
Jun. 23, 1942
age 1 yr, 9mos, 9days
A little bud of love,
Gone to bloom with God above.


Mary                   Grant
1892-1970        1888-1949


Ralph Haynes
World War II
June 23, 1922        July 30, 1944


Alonzo Haynes
World War II
March 13, 1925
August 22, 1944


Claude Haynes
Sept. 15, 1926
Jan 5, 1943
At rest


Mary Holifield
July 4, 1845
Nov. 15, 1944
99 y. 4m. 11d.


Dussie Haynes
Feb. 10, 1917
Jan. 19, 1943
Mother of Alcieberry, Mary Lois, & Alger


Sarah Baker

no dates


Bud Baker

no dates


Liza Tackett

no dates


Judy Ann Mullins
Oct. 26, 1953
Nov. 9, 1953
Daughter of
Gamelil & Estelle Mullins


Larry Dean Mullins
Sept. 1947
2 days old
Son of
Gamelil & Estelle Mullins


broken off stone


In memory of
Infants of Fleetwood & Calonia Haynes
Robert                          Emma
May 1, 1901                  born 1904
age 1 day                      age 10 months


Roley Mullins
Apr. 16, 1909
Nov. 16, 1935
At rest


In memory of
Infants of Fleetwood & Calonia Haynes
Willard Carton            Henry Quit
July 2, 1911               born 1915
June 2, 1912              age 2 days


Irene Baker


Alafair Baker
no dates


Cora Haynes
no dates


Nora Haynes
no dates


Geneva Swindall Wiley
Jan. 11, 1904
Apr. 15, 1957


Dora Baker


Elsie Baker
no dates


Creed Baker



Madison Baker
no dates


Rachel Haynes
Feb. 9, 1912
Sept. 29, 1922
She was the sunshine of our home
Susie              Bobby
1818-1911       1815-1878


G.W. Haynes
Oct. 21, 1860
Oct. 22, 1928
Father, let thy grace be given
that we may meet in Heaven


Rachel Haynes
born 1862
died 1936


Fleetwood Haynes
A regular Baptist minister for 35 yrs.

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