Hill Ridge Family Cemetery

    Hill Ridge Family Cemetery

Located on Rt. 683, just below the Hill Ridge Freewill Baptist Church.

Documented by Margaret Hill - July 30, 2004.

Barton, Jahu E. 03/22/1904 06/15/1977 (h/o Ruby) DG Husband


Barton, Ruby E. 03/08/1910 01/03/1975 (w/o Jahu) DG Wife


Bedwell, William G. 04/26/1920 06/12/1994 SG


Counts, Ronald Unreadable Unreadable SG


Dingus, Alva Lee 12/19/1902 10/28/1983 SG


Dingus, Bobby G. 01/19/1938 06/09/1992 US Army SG


Dingus, Harold W. 05/22/1930 02/26/1989 SG


Dingus, James C. 04/19/1957 03/16/1974 SG


Dingus, Tennessee 05/18/1908 03/26/1972 SG


Fleming, Alva Lee 08/28/1927 02/16/1999 (h/o Lillian)

WWII DG Husband


Fleming, Lillian H. 01/26/1930 Unreadable (d/o Lee Hill

& August Large) DG Wife


Fleming, Tom H. 03/26/1905 06/05/1987 SG


Fuller, Timothy J. 1997 1997 SG


Fuller, Violet W. 1923 07/10/1955 (d/o Ranel &

America Hill

Withrow) SG


Gilliam, Alonzo G. 02/11/1923 12/22/1987 WWII SG


Hill, Abel C. 05/01/1924 11/10/1979 (s/o Seth & Julia

Hill-g/s of Martha

I. Rose.) SG


Hill, Angie I. 1938 1940 (d/o Ervin Hill

& Rosie Green-g/s

of Jasper Hill) SG


Hill, Arlin 11/16/1896 03/08/1965 (s/o Joseph Hill &

Martha I. Rose) SG


Hill, Arnold O. 11/25/1921 02/12/1991 (s/o Kindery Hill

& Nannie Hill-g/s of

Jasper. SG


Hill, Martha I. 02/22/1875 01/10/1964 (d/o Elias Jackson

Rose & Mary Jane

Wright.) SG


Hill, Elizabeth A. 11/21/1932 03/30/1935 (d/o Seth Hill &

Julia Hogston –g/d of

Martha I. Rose) SG


Hill, Ervin 06/06/1908 01/05/1955 (s/o Kindery Hill

& Nan Hill-g/s of

Jasper) SG


Hill, August M. 05/11/1906 1984 (w/o Lee Hill &

(d/o James H. Large &

Tecora A. Hill) DG Wife


Hill, Herman O. 01/25/1933 05/16/1949 (s/o Lee & Gusta

Hill) SG


Hill, Isabell 06/25/1915 04/08/1958 (d/o Kindery &

Nannie Hill—g/d of

Jasper) SG


Hill, Joseph 04/1968 09/19/1929 (s/o John Mack Hill

& Mary Ann

Anderson) SG


Hill, John (2) M. 05/18/1866 02/28/1951 (h/o Zilpha Louise

Rose-s/o John Mack

Hill the first.) SG


Hill, Julia F. 05/15/1894 03/22/1967 (w/o Seth Hill-d/o of

James F. Hogston &

Margaret J. Sexton) DG Wife


Hill, Kindery 01/16/1877 09/19/1941 (h/o Nannie Hill-s/o

Jasper Hill and Mary

A. Rose) DG Husband


Hill, Leander (Lee) 1890 1964 (h/o Gusta Large –s/o

John Mack Hill II &

Zilpha Rose) DG Husband


Hill, Maggie 05/05/1925 07/02/1992 (Daughter of Lee) SG


Hill, Minnie Dell 06/06/1912 08/08/2000 (w/o William Carson

Hill-Her maiden

Name was Wallace) DG Wife


Hill, Nannie J. 01/03/1891 01/11/1981 (w/o KinderyHill-

D/o Joseph Hill &

Martha I. Rose) DG Wife


Hill, Ralph 12/15/1921 05/13/184 (s/o Lee & Gusta

Hill) SG


Hill, Ray Lee 07/09/1927 06/01/2002 (s/o Lee & Gusta

Hill) SG


Hill, Robert Unreadable Unreadable


Hill, Rosie J 08/16/1912 12/27/1943 Maiden Name-Green

(w/o Ervin Hill) SG


Hill, Seth C. 05/02/1892 06/26/1972 (h/o Julia Hill-s/o

Martha I. Rose) DG Husband


Hill, Vadney J. 04/11/1897 10/24/1969 (w/o Arlin Hill &

D/o Samuel & Nicatie

Fleming) DG Wife


Hill, William C. 06/24/1905 11/12/1977 (h/o Minnie Hill

& s/o Martha I.

Rose) DG Husband


Holmes, Eugene 1928 2001 SG


Knoskie, Edna M. 11/23/1943 11/19/1943 d/o of Thaniel

Knoskie & Effie

Bea Hill=g/d

Kindery Hill) SG


Knoskie, Effie B. 1926 05/16/2003 (w/o Thaniel-d/o

Kindery DG Wife


Knoskie, Thaniel 1915 1989 (h/o Effie Hill) DG Husband


Large, Carl Jr. 10/7/1943 10/8/1943 (g/s of James Large

& Tecora Hill) SG


Large, Donald 09/10/1931 02/18/1997 (h/o Edna) DG Husband


Large, Gene Autry 11/04/1940 11/04/1940 SG


Large, Goldie F. 11/30/1908 09/19/1986 (w/o Morgan, dau of

James Fleming &

Alafair Barton,) SG


Large, James H. 01/06/1880 06/28/1959 (h/o Tecora Hill) DG Husband


Large, Morgan O. 07/30/1904 09/27/1968 (h/o Goldie Fleming,

S/o James Large &

Tecora Hill) SG


Large, Tecora H. 1882 1969 (w/o James H. Large, d/o

John C. Hill & S. A. V.

Sykes) DG Wife


Large, Troy 1937 2000 SG


Mullins, Louise 04/06/1921 10/03/1998 (w/o Thurman Gene, d/o

Harrison B. Stanley &

Phoebe Elizabeth Hill)

DG Wife


Mullins, Thurman Gene 05/24/1931 11/20/2003 (h/o Louise Stanley, s/o

Donald B. and Clersie

Mullins.) DG Husband


Phipps, Wanda W. 1931 1972 (d/o of Ranel Withrow

& America Hill) SG


Ratliff, Christine 02/12/1944 07/13/2000 SG


Reece, W. Raymond 1911 1949 SG


Reynolds, Lena Faye 09/15/1947 06/14/1948 (d/o of Lillian Hill, g/d

Seth Hill & Julia Hill)



Rose, Cecil H. 02/13/1926 03/12/1975 (h/o Nina Hill, s/o

William A. Rose &

Polly Tipton) SG


Rose, Gaynelle 1920 03/16/2002 (w/o Albert, d/o

Larkin & Bertha

Turner) SG


Rose, Gertrude 1913 Unreadable (w/o Willard) DG Wife


Rose, Gretta D. 05/12/1950 02/19/1951 SG


Rose, Kyle D. 07/28/1948 08/17/1948 SG


Rose, Willard 1904 1965 (h/o Gertrude, s/o

Alvin Rose & Exie

Turner) SG


Stanley, Ben 12/02/1916 06/18/1916 SG


Stanley, Harrison Sam 07/25/1953 10/23/1989 (h/o Deborah) DG Husband


Stanley, Harrison B. 05/05/1889 01/11/1938 (h/o of Phoebe

Hill) DG Husband


Stanley, John E. 10/16/1956 09/08/1980 (s/o of Phoebe

Hill) SG


Stanley, Pauline 06/09/1933 01/05/1992 (w/o Ray, maiden

Name of Mullins.) DG Wife


Stanley, Phoebe E. 04/22/1896 02/12/1983 (w/o of Harrison B.

Stanley, d/o John Mack

Hill & Zilpha Rose) DG Wife


Stanley, Ray 06/25/1928 01/21/1999 (h/o of Pauline

Mullins, s/o Phoebe

Hill & Harrison B.

Stanley) DG Husband


Taylor, James H. 1931 1990 SG


Vanover, Cora D. 04/18/1924 09/12/1988 (w/o Gordon) DG Wife


Vanover, Gordon L. 04/01/1922 01/24/2001 (h/o Cora) DG Husband

Vanover, James Earl 05/22/1954 06/02/1956 SG


Vanover, Virgil Ray 05/06/1950 06/02/1956 SG


Vanover, Walter Lee 01/15/1949 02/28/1949 SG


Withrow, America05/15/1903 1984 (w/o of Ranel, d/o

Joseph Hill & Martha

I. Rose) DG Wife


Withrow, Arnold 06/30/1934 03/11/2004 (h/o Carol Doughty, s/o

Ranel Withrow &

America Hill) SG


Withrow, Printess 07/21/1925 11/16/1993 (WWII, s/o America

Hill & Ranel Withrow)



Withrow, Ranel 09/10/1901 10/16/1982 (h/o America Hill) DG Husband


Wolford, Randall W. 10/16/1950 09/09/1989 SG  

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