Hughes Family Cemetery

Hughes Family Cemetery

Located on Rt. 72, Coeburn Road, Clintwood, VA. Turn left at Snowball Hollow, go approximately 1/2 mile. then you have to walk up the mountain (right hand side of the road), approximately 1/4 mile to the ridge where this cemetery is located.

Data gathered by Glenda Short - May 2005.

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Data arranged in alphabetical order of surnames. 

Alvin Hughes
Feb. 9, 1919
Oct. 19, 1921
2 yrs. 8 mo.


Ella Hughes
Nov. 12, 1916
June 20, 1930
13 yrs. 2 mo.


Margaret Hughes
Daughter of W. C. and Martha Hughes
Mar. 22, 1888
Aug. 16, 1888
Asleep in Jesus


Martha(Puckett) Hughes
wife of Calvin Hughes
Mar 9, 1857
Jan. 5, 1902
Gone But Not Forgotten


Sallie Hughes
May 19, 1824
Aug. 31, 1904
The Lord is my shephard


In Memory
W. Shelton Hughes, Jr.
Aug 4, 1924
Mar. 12, 1925
Gone to be an Angel


William Calvin Hughes
Oct. 21, 1850
July 11, 1918Age 67 years 8 mo 20 days
Earth has no sorrow that Heaven cannot heal


Edna McFall
Feb. 20, 1900
Dec. 24, 1918
18 yrs. 9 mo. 26 days


Audrey Janet Smith
Oct. 29, 1932
Apr. 20, 1933
Gone So Soon


Baby of Edgar Beverly and Hattie Smith Jessie Smith
May 15, 1911
Feb. 14, 1936


Edward Smith
Infant child of Monroe and Sallie (Hughes) Smith


Goldie Smith
Infant child of Monroe and Sallie (Hughes) Smith

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