McCoy Cemetery

McCoy Cemetery

John C. and Ruth Rasnick McCoy Cemetery On Brushy Ridge in Dickenson County, VA.

(From Nora, take 652 for 1.7 miles. Turn left on 651 follow the road on up the MTN. about four miles till you come to Cold Springs RD. and the cemetery is about another mile at the very end of the Cold Spring Road.)

Documented by Bob and Mina Summerton

1st . row:  


Flossie McCoy Phillips

Born: December 27, 1910

Died: May 4, 1965

In God We Trust.

(The wife of Clovis Phillips)


Alice McCoy Hay

wife of Daniel B. Hay

Born: 11- 2, 1902

Died: -11-23-1928

A light from our home is gone

A voice we loved was stilled

A place is vacant in our hearts

that never can be filled.


Nora L. McCoy Rasnick

wife of Grover C. Rasnick

Born 8-19-1908

Died: 12-19-1931

My own dear wife has gone to

mansions above yonder skies

to gaze on the beautiful one

Him who is seated on high.


Johnny Grizzel

Born: 5-25-1943

Died: 10-11-1943

A sunbeam from the world has vanished.


Our Darling

Anna Ruth McCoy

Born: 1-19-1939

Died: 7-30-1951


McCoy Double Stone

Mother: Ruth C. McCoy - Father: John C. McCoy

1882- 1978 1875-1955


Pearl McCoy

Born: 7-20-1912

Died: 8-10-1994



Catherine Kiser

Born: 5-12-1885

Died: 12-3-1950


Thy Kingdom Come  

Bobby Taylor

Born: 5-13-1936

Died: 8-7-1995

Asleep In Jesus.


Carla B. Taylor

Born: 1-1-1974

Died: 3-13-1998

Our Angel at Rest in Jesus love.


Samuel J. Taylor

Born: 3-31-1966

Died: 9-19-2001

Rest on the Mountain till you sing again.


Jeffrey J. Taylor

Born: 1-25-1982

Died: 12-24-2004

Our Angel finally at rest in God's arms

Safe at last.





Rebecca Jane Pounders

Born: 4-4-1944

Died: 9-24-1966

Was Far too sweet to linger long.


Our Darling Son

Benny Lee McCoy

Born: 1-24-1937

Died: 10-4-1945

Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven.


Shalor McCoy

Born: 1-25-1914

Died: 7-22-1949

Resting till the Ressurection Morning.


Rita Jo McCoy

Born: 5-28-1935

Died: 6-21-1951

Was Far too Sweet to Linger Long.


Janice Elaine McCoy


Died: 9-16-1957

Was far too Sweet to Linger Long.


Double Stone  

Charlie Maynard McCoy - Faye Lillian Deel

Born: 1-25-1914 Born: 10-2-1917

Died:9-22-1981 Died: 4-9-1982

Beyond the Sunset



Barbara A. Herring

Born: 1-22-1946

Died: 7-18-1993

Resting With God.


Cochran Baby

No marker just a stone


McCoy Baby

No marker just a stone




Johnny W. McCoy




Roger W. Lee


Our Darling


Johnathan Luna



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