Moody Cemetery


Tarpon, Dickenson County, Virginia.

A very old cemetery located in the woods between Clinchco and Tarpon.

The Moody Cemetery was so named for a family that used to live in that area,

and thus it was always called the Moody Fields.

Documented May 26, 2008 by Junior and Gayle Stanley, and Christena Fuller



The cemetery was over grown in trees and brush. Only 16 graves could be found with inscribed markers. About 20 graves were marked only with decaying white wooden crosses placed there by the last coal company who surface mined that area to mark the graves. Several graves were marked with uninscribed field stones or rocks laid around the graves. A dozen or so more were visible with only sunken places in the ground, no markers, some visible only by some very old flowers on the graves. Many of the marked stones were so worn away it was difficult to read them. All but about three were homemade stones. No doubt this is the oldest cemetery in the Tarpon area. ~GS


I. C.? Brooks

Born Jan. 4, 1890

Died June 6, 1923


Charles Clark

Born 1926

Died 1926


Merie Clark

Born 1932

Died 1932


Ruby M. Coffey

Dec. 23, 1927

Dec. 10, 1929


Catherine Fink

Dec. 27, 1922

Dec. 26, 1929

(Note by GS: Catherine was accidentally shot and killed by her brother George while he was cleaning a gun. Catherine was the daughter of John Henry and Nancy Ann “Nannie” [Baker] Fink. John and Nannie came to Clinchco from Dublin, VA, in April 1917. John worked at the No. 7 Mine in Clinchco. They had ten children.)


Infant of

Mr. and Mrs. S.S. Friar

(Sherman Smith and Cora Jackson Friar)

Born Dec. 28, 1922

Died Dec. 29, 1922

(Notes by GS: Sherman Smith Friar was from Claiborne Co., TN. He was a coal miner and came to Honaker where he met and married Cora Jackson in 1916. He and Cora, along with his son Frederick from a previous marriage, moved to Clinchco in 1920. This deceased infant was Sherman and Cora’s first child. They eventually had four more children. The Friars left Clinchco in 1930, moving to West Virginia. They eventually settled in Shenandoah, Virginia.)



Son of

Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Hall

Born April 11, 1925

Died April 11, 1926


Walter Johnson

Son of B.W. Johnson and Wife

Sept. 20, 1928

Jan. 12, 1930


Hazel M. Johnson

Loving Daughter of

Mr. and Mrs. B. D.?Johnson

Nov. 15, 1936

Dec. 21, 1936

1 mo. 6 days old


Lily Ann Jones

Aug. 27, 1872

Mar. 18, 1931


Infants of

Mr. And Mrs. Garland Mullins

July 3, 1925

July 3, 1925

(Note by GS: These were twin girls born to Fred Garland and Mollie E. [Anderson] Mullins. Garland was the son of William Melvin and Roxie [Kerr] Mullins. Mollie was the daughter of Henry and Lucinda [Rakes] Anderson.They had several other children, including Fred Garland Mullins, Jr. who married Lorine Ring.)


Robert Lee Rakes

(Note by GS: He was the son of George Lee and Alverta [McCormack] Rakes. George and Alverta were born and married in Patrick Co., VA. George was the son of William Harvey “Henry” and Lucinda A. [Dehart] Rakes. )

Born Mar. 28, 1922

Died Mar. 28, 1922


Caroline Wassum

1846 - 1891(Note by GS: Caroline's maiden name was Blevens.)


Sheffield Wassum

1840 - 1920

(Note by GS: His full name was Ezra Sheffield Wassum. He was known as Sheffy or Sheffley. His parents were David “Dave” and Susannah [Neff] Wassum of Smythe Co., VA. Sheffield and Caroline [Blevens] Wassum possibly had two sons, Charles, birthdate unknown, and John Saumel Wassum, born 04 Feb. 1879. After the death of Caroline, Sheffy possibly married Susan Young, and had two sons: Edward Sheffy Wassum and Francis Wassum. They both lived at

Morristown, TN.)


Ogsby Jr. White

Beloved son of

Mr. and Mrs. Ogsby White

Apr. 15, 1936

Apr. 16, 1936

(Notes by GS: The parents were Elbert Ogsby “Smokey Joe” White and Minnie [Wilborn] White. Ogsby came to Clinchco from Russell Co., VA. Ogsby and Minnie lived in Clinchco where Obsby worked in the coal mines. They had nine children. After his retirement they moved to Marion, Ohio.)


Dollie M. Wright

1898 - 1930



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