Mullins Cemetery Tarpon

Tarpon, Route 63 North; Dickenson County, Virginia
Documented by Christena Fuller Nov. 11, 1999

(20 graves total, with four being unmarked field-stones)


Deel, Patricia
Born & Died
Sept. 17, 195
"A flower that soon faded"
Deel, Rodney
Born & Died
Jan. 04, 1942
Hay, Vivian Lee
Dec. 01, 1931
Dec. 01, 1931
"A little bud of love, gone to bloom with God above"
Mullins, Carrell, Jr.
Born & Died
Dec. 15, 1946
"A flower too soon faded"
Mullins, Elizabeth
Nov. 06, 1878
Oct. 17, 1956
"She was the sunshine of our home"
Mullins, Patton
Feb. 07, 1874
Oct. 17, 1948
"He was the sunshine of our home"
Mullins, Sharon Elizabeth
Born & Died
Sept. 26, 1948
"A fairer bud of promise never bloomed"
Newberry, Arnold
Apr. 13, 1920
Mar. 22, 1922
"He carries the Lamb in his bosom"
Newberry, Burns
Dec. 21, 1917
Feb. 19, 1919
"Asleep in Jesus blessed thought"
Newberry, Infant Baby
Of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Newberry
Apr. 28, 1906
Apr. 28, 1906
"Darling we miss thee"
Newberry, Infant Baby
Of Mr. and Mrs. E. M. Newberry
Apr. 30, 1907
Apr. 30, 1907
"Gone to a better land"
Owens, Almarine
Aug. 15, 1853
May 04, 1906
"Age 53 yrs, 8 mos, 19 days"
Owens, Mary A.
May 10, 1860
Feb. 22, 1920
"A tender mother and faithful friend"
Rakes, Irena E.
July 25, 1880
Nov. 09, 1884
Rakes, James H.
July 10, 1875
Oct. 20, 1884
Tate, Sylvia Claire
Nov. 12, 1935
Jan. 02, 1936
"Our Darling Baby"
"Budded on Earth to bloom in heaven"


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