Owens Cemetery - Breaks Park

Owens Cemetery - Breaks Park
Located on road to the lower campground inside the Breaks Interstate Park
Dickenson County, Virginia,
Documented by Gayle Stanley July 22, 2001

12 total graves

Baird, J. Eli
Nov. 21, 1918
Mar. 28, 1987

Baird, Mary Coleman
May 10, 1928
July 19, 1970
"Dearly loved by all who knew her"
Baird, Robin
Daughter of
Eli & Mary
Oct. 18, 1955
Oct. 20, 1955
Coleman, Chloe
Jan 28, 1898
Feb. 20, 1934
"She was loved by all who knew her"
Coleman, Lavonna V.
Jan. 25, 1925
Dec. 15, 1938
Coleman, Rans Don
Aug. 22, 1889
July 23, 1968
"Beloved husband of Chloe"
Mullins, Mary Jane
Baby of
Keith and Linda
Dec. 07, 1984
Mullins, Paul Keith
Baby of
Keith and Linda
May 29, 1986
Owens, Camel
Nov. 24, 1872
Jan. 23, 1918
Owens, Clementine
Wife of C. C. Owens
Dec. 28, 1878
April 22, 1949
"Mother waits for us in heaven"
Owens, Edna Jean
Oct. 11, 1913
Oct. 11, 1948
Owens, PVT. Teddy
Son of
Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Owens
Feb. 11, 1896
killed in action
Sept. 17, 1918
"As an infantryman with American Expedition Forces"
"In memory of a great soldier who gave his life
in defense of this country"


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