Rose Cemetery 3



Documented by Tara Gibson - June, 2004    

Dollie Catherine Rose 1923

Edd Rose ?-1929

John Rose 1870-1947

Phoebe Rose 1868-1944

Clarie Lee Rose 1912-1919

Pauline Rose 1927-1970

Daniel L Rose 1893-1962

Maggie H Rose 1896-1990

Effie Rose 1931-1933

Lydia Childress Rose 1900-1988

Charlie W Rose 1898-1955

Florrie Rose 1903-1988

Kathleen Rose Murphy 1931-1989

Ruby Murphy 1921-1986

Earl Murphy 1912-1976

Faye Stanley 1940-1996

Alpha R Stanley 1900-1954

Baby Stanley

Baby Stanley

Baby Stanley

Baby Stanley

Herman Grizzle 1908-1966

Baby Grizzle

John McClain (McClane) ?-?

Lillie McClain 1895-1989

Lester McClain 1899-1936

Lester McClain Jr. 1925-1960

Estes Ray McClain1929-1962

Sidney Edward McClain 1931-1998

Willie Bruce McClain 1926-1963

James A Smith 1914-1975

Mae B Taylor 1915-1959

Joseph J Taylor 1900-19??

Delpha V Sluss 1907-1968

Donald F Sluss 1906-1995

Emmett C Sluss 1916-1988

Gracie E Sluss 1919-1978

Myrtle T Holbrook 1919-1994

Columbus C Holbrook 1909-1969

Roger W Holbrook 1947-1984

Baby Holbrook 199?

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