Salyer Cemetery

Salyer Cemetery

This cemetery is located on Caney Ridge. 

It is located approximately 3 miles (after crossing the Dickenson County line from the Wise County side),

on the left hand side of the road, and approximately 1 mile before Rubgy Church.

Documented by Kristi Palmer
Submitted Feb. 2008

John Blaine Salyers   
Cecil E         Rebale B Salyer
04-17-1915         04-10-1910
     to                      to
09-21-1975         05-16-2004
Carson W       Callie I Salyer
1919-1980           1922-1980
Walter S Salyer
Violet Euna Salyer
Claude S    Grace E Goff
02-12-1905      12-08-1907
     to                   to
04-28-1976      06-17-1975
Inez H Jarvis
Maxine Salyer Sharrah
John Harve  Goldie Mae Johnson
01-10-1911       08-15-1915
     to                    to
03-18-1978       12-15-1992
JC Salyer (Son of Roy and Opal Salyer)
01-20-1940  to   02-08-1940
Carla Miller Smith (granddaughter of William and Laura Salyer)
04-16-1966 to 11-16-1999
William H     Laura B Salyer
09-01-1892        04-10-1917
     to                     to
05-28-1972        02-11-1994


Everett H Salyer (son of William and Laura Salyer)
08-30-1937  to 07-16-1938


Annia Marie Salyer (daughter of William and Laura Salyer)
10-17-1938 to  01-28-1941


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