Swindall-Short Cemetery


(Also known as the J.C. Swindall Cemetery)
Dickenson Co., Virginia

Directions to the cemetery: From Camp Creek Road turn left at Little Zion Old Regular Baptist Church onto the Osborne Gap Road. Go approx.  1 mile. See a sign "J. C. Swindall/Burl Short Cemetery" is at the bottom of the hill. The cemetery is located at top of hill.    

Information gathered by Sharon (Short) Shaver - June, 2005.

(Not responsible for any typographic errors.)

Data arranged by cemetery rows:

1st row
Jessie S. Johnson
Feb 9, 1935
Feb.7, 1980
Asleep in Jesus
We will always love you


Dinah Lynn Short

July 5, 1951
Oct 27, 1969
Of such is the Kingdom of Heaven



Burl                                  Amy B.
May 23, 1915                    February 9, 1914
November 27, 1996           September 11, 1990


2nd Row

           Dela Cruz           
          In God's Care         
Ernesto D.                   Janice Short
Mar 17, 1938                      Dec. 3, 1937
Sept 21, 2002
Sk 2 U S Navy


3rd Row

J. C. Swindall
Oct 25, 1853
Mar 12, 1939

I have fought a good fight.  I have finished my course.   I have kept the faith.


Jane Swindall
Born Aug 27, 1855
Died Feb 9, 1930

Gone But Not Forgotten


George Countis
Feb 13, 1914
Feb. 14, 1918

Prepare to meet me in Heaven


Murty Mullins
Mar 20, 1896
Oct 16, 1918
Age 21

Remember as you pass by, As you are now so once was I. As I am now, you soon will be, prepare for death and follow me.


Virgie Sanders

Gone but not forgotten


Everette Short
Nov 9, 1904
Oct 20, 1977

Gone but not forgotten


Infant Rose
Apr 26, 1927

The Angels Called Him


Ida May Rose
May 10, 1902
May 4, 1933
She was the Sunshine of our home


Pauline Haynes
Stillborn Infant Son Haynes
Sept 9,  1921           Jan 30, 1938
She was the Sunshine of our home.
I knew no sorrow, knew no grief till her bright face I missed.


Henry Short
July 30, 1881
Sept 22, 1945
Thy trials ended, Thy rest is won.


Carrie Short
Mar 9, 1885 
Jan 9, 1970

Death is the crown of life.


Opal McFall
June 5, 1927
Feb 2, 1929

Another Angel


Lou S. McFall
To live in hearts We leave behind is not to die.


Row 4


Melissa McFall
Aug 2, 1877
July 24, 1965
Remember Me As You Pass By. As You Are Now So Once Was I

As I Am Now Soon You Will Be. Prepare For Death And Follow Me


Charles A.                                      Ada

Feb. 2, 1880                               July 18, 1890

July 6, 1955                               Oct 21, 1949

For this is the will of God and Life everlasting.  

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