Taylor Cemetery



Located on Lick Creek

Documented by Jamie Mooney August 10, 2008



27 graves, and one unmarked stone that could be another grave.


(double stone)

Hattie B. Taylor

Jan 27, 1916

Aug 7, 1999

Amos E. Taylor

June 20, 1916

Aug 11, 1978

“Gone but not forgotten”


Emory Lee Taylor Patricia Taylor Church

Worley Jean Taylor Jobie Dean Taylor

Evelyn Taylor Rowe Albert Morgan Taylor

G. Kay Taylor Bunk Tommy Andrew Taylor

Judy Taylor Miller Larry Taylor

Cathy S. Taylor Stacy

“With all our love”


SI US Navy

World War II

June 20, 1916

Aug 11, 1978


Donald Moody Taylor


PVT 21 Infantry

24 Infantry Div

World War II


Aug 13, 1926

Sept 2, 1950


Kindrick H Taylor

Jan 25, 1892

Apr 3, 1939

“Resting till the resurrection morn”

(He was married to Bertha Grizzle Taylor.

He died of tuberculosis.)



Zella Mae Taylor

July 7, 1920

Dec 16, 1945

“A jewel on earth

A jewel in heaven”

(Daughter of Kindrick and Bertha Grizzle Taylor.

She died of tuberculosis after an extended stay in a sanitorium in WV.)


Emory Lee Taylor

June 12, 1937

July 11, 1955


Worley Jean Taylor

Apr 21, 1939

Apr 25, 1939


Tommy Andrew Taylor

Jan 23, 1953

Jan 12, 1954


Virgie Taylor Edwards

Dec 27, 1896

Sept 26, 1984


Roy Carlton Taylor

June 24, 1896

June 2, 1931


Alpha Ruth Taylor

Sept 18, 1915

April 28, 1938



Alton Clyde Taylor

April 3, 1918

July 2, 1918

“Gone to be an angel”

(Infant son of Kindrick and Bertha Grizzle Taylor)


Elmer A. Taylor

Jan 8, 1912

Oct 30, 1932

“He was the sunshine of our home”

(Son of Kindrick and Bertha Grizzle Taylor.

He was killed in an automobile accident.)


Hallie Taylor

Sept 6, 1917

June 29, 1918


Della May Taylor

Born June 25, 1908

Died Sept 16, 1908

“Gone to be an angel”


Dealy Taylor

"Was bornd July

The 15 the 1887

Dec Oct the 1895"


Bety Taylor

Born Mar 7, 1861

Died Jan 16, 1927

“A tender mother and a faithful friend”


A. T. Taylor

Born Dec 15, 1860

Died June 12, 1934

“A tender father and a faithful friend.”


Emma C. Taylor

Born Aug 2, 1888

Died Oct 29, 1939

“A loved one from us has gone.

A voice we love is stilled.

A place is vacant in our home

which never can be filled.”


W. M. Jack Taylor

Born June 17, 1885

Died Nov 1, 1963

“Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord”

“At rest”

Susie C. Taylor

Born May 6, 1889

Died July 13, 1964

“A tender mother and faithful friend”


“At rest”

Evans Alex Taylor

Born June 7, 1889

Died Oct 11, 1968

“A tender father and faithful friend”


Littleton A. Taylor


World War II

Mar 31, 1921

June 18, 1944

Purple Heart



(double stone)

Eura Counts


W. Morse Counts


(Parents of Trulah Counts Taylor)



(double stone)

“Momma---In Loving Memory---Daddy”

Trulah Counts Taylor

Aug 6, 1926

Kedric “Ted” Taylor

Aug 14, 1917

Dec 11, 1999


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